Kirkenes and the Russian Border/ Day 8

Kirkenes is the only town in Norway where East meet West.  Kirkenes had more than 300 bombing raids from Soviet airplanes. More than 1000 times during the war years, the Air Raid alarms were sounded. This was because Kirkenes was one of the most strategic places in Europe during the war. Due to its geography and gulf stream waters, it was a primary supply route for food and materials to Russia. Had it not been for the support of the Norwegians during the war the outcome might very well have been different.

Our first stop after debarking  was a visit to Andersgrotta –Kirkenes’ largest bomb-shelter, built in 1943. Our guide stayed in this shelter with his family during the war.  He was 4 years old at the time of the german invasion. 

Andersgrotta is constructed beneath the bedrock in the centre of Kirkenes in a well hidden location.

Photo by Mandolyne

Mandolyne’s video – walk through –  Kirkenes’ bomb-shelter

We then took a ride to Storskog, a border crossing station on the Norwegian side of the Norway-Russia border

This was as far as we were allowed to go.

We visited Russia in 2016

Selfie at the crossing station on the Norwegian side of the Norway-Russia border

New Friend at the boarder crossing. Bamsa, the Malamute Husky.  

Nanna and Momma wandering around the border

Returning to our ship docked in  Kirkenes 

Selfie at Kirkenes

Arabella’s  Reporting Live from the Russian Border video – Russia is an Island  … 

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