Svolvaer / Day 9

Our ship pulled into  Svolvær, the biggest city on the archipelago and de facto capital of Lofoten around  6 pm.

We then boarded a small van for about a 45 minutes ride to Hov Hestegård Riding Centre located in Gimsoysand Norway.

When we arrived at Hov we were greeted and were chosen an Icelandic horse for us to ride.  

We were so excited!  

We bundled up in winter gear and tucked warming packs in our boots , hoping to stay warm.

Now on our Icelandic horses, we  took a trail ride along the sandy beach while in awe of the Northern Lights above us.


Hov is also one of the oldest places in Lofoten, and historical monuments from ancient times have been found here. These include landing places for boats, a heathen temple, and Viking Age graves. We believe that the residence of Viking chieftain Tore Hjort was located here over 1000 years ago.

Hov Hestegård Riding Centre

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