Getting to our Ship the MS Richard With – Hurtigruten

We will be visiting around 34 ports, most never visited by commercial cruise liners, our ship delivers freight, mail and passengers to remote communities, some of which are home to just a few hundred people. 

Day 1, March 5 2018 – arrived in Bergen.  We flew out of Boston Logon airport 5:30 pm EST stopping in  Copehegan Denmark for a brief layover. We arrived in Bergen Norway 2;30 am EST .  The time in Bergen was 10:30 am.  Brand new day – No sleep.   Getting the body ready for a trip to Europe is different than getting it ready for a trip to Asia. Because there is a leap ahead in time by almost a half a day, it is recommended  to get the body to acclimate to that extra time without shutting down.  We did not do any of the recommendations,,,,,  We are dragging…. (except Jay)  lol zzzzzzzz

Day 2, March 6 2018  – visited  Bergen and boarded MS Richard With- visited  Bergen had lunch then boarded MS Richard With

Day 3, March 7 2018 – Ålesund Norway

Day 4, March 8,2018 Trondheim Norway

Day 5, March 9, 2018 Bodo Norway

Tromso Norway / Day 6

North Cape Norway / Day 7

Kirkenes and the Russian Border/ Day 8

Follow our Adventure  – Port to Port aboard the MS Richard With 

Our ship, the MS Richard With is named after Hurtigruten’s founder. Captain Richard Bernhard With (September 1846 – 9 February 1930)  Captain With was a Norwegian ship captain, businessman and politician for the Liberal Left Party,  . He is also known as the founder of shipping companies

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